Mad Food Science Program

I am a Certified Instructor to run the Mad Food Science Program created by Belinda Smith from The Root Cause. The program has travelled across Australia and has reached over 30000 students, teachers and parents


A 90 minute school incursion (or community event) aimed at getting children to eat more fruits and vegetables and minimise processed foods.

What children will learn:
🌈 Why their body needs a rainbow of fruit and veg
😛 To taste with their tongue, not their eyes
🧠 How food can affect their mood, concentration and behaviour
🥦 To take responsibility for what they put in their mouth
👀 How to read food packets, and why real food is much better

For those of you who want more information The Root Cause has an amazing website, click on the following link…


Here are some media clips thanks to Win News Toowoomba, 7 News Toowoomba and Toowoomba Regional Council for filming some footage of the community events I’ve hosted this year. 





Our local newspaper The Chronicle, Toowoomba has recently done an article on the program, see below

Chronicle Mad Food Science Program.jpg


Here is some feedback from a school I visited in April 2019

Mad Food Science Program Toowoomba WC feedback.png


For More information visit



Victoria Byrnes

Certified Instructor– Toowoomba and Darling Downs


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